How to Check Air Pressure in Tires

How to Check Air Pressure in Tires


It is performed through TPMS, or that abbreviature means – tire pressure monitoring system.
It is a type of system created to notify and check for any fluctuation in the air pressure. The notifications are performed through a special gauge that sends information to the car’s dashboard and thus informs the driver for low air pressure

How often to check

It is recommended to perform check-ups for air pressure from time to time. It is essential for your tires to be in optimal pressure condition as the latter is related to better traction, stronger control and reduced fuel consumption. Anytime you head to the car, have a look at your tires and if you visually find out that they are a little flat, inflate them and check whether the condition will be the same the next morning. In case, the tire is flat completely, it is recommended visiting the neatest service for further inspection.

Recommended standard

Your tires should be neither under or overinflated. The recommended standard is written on the sidewall of the tire or inside the driver’s door (for new models). If you stick to the suggested measured psi, you will benefit from better handling control, firm traction and reduced fuel consumption.

Tire pressure and fuel efficiency

Tire pressure is essential for improving your fuel efficiency. Of course, you can purchase a hybrid or an economy car if your aim is to keep some money from filling your tank but perhaps there are some other things you can do in advance to optimize the process of fuel efficiency. Pundits claim that for every measured PSI decrease of air pressure, fuel efficiency could be decreased as well with 3 %. There is no need to be a precise statistician to understand the influence of proper tire pressure on the economy of your car.

How to check tire pressure

It is quite an easy task and you can perform it either in your garage, at the gas station or at the time you visit the nearest service centre for a regular oil change or tire rotation. You can buy a special air pressure gauge and use it on a regular basis.

Pressure light

The main goal of the TPMS – tire pressure monitoring system is to notify you in real-time when there is at least a 25% drop of the pressure of one or several of your tires. If the pressure light turns on on the dashboard of your car, then you should take in mind that there is a problem with one, two or all of your tires. It is a standard procedure that could keep you away from many potential hazards on the road.

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