How to Inspect a Tire

How to Inspect a Tire

When inspecting your tires, look for weak spots

Unfortunately, tires are the part of your car that needs replacement most often as it is in permanent contact with the road surface. They are also responsible for your comfort while driving as well as for safety. Inspecting your tires on a regular basis for the presence of potential tiny problems may prevent the presence of bigger ones in future. You should make a habit to take a glance at your tires each time you go to work. There is no need to become a freak and think that there is certainly a problem when no premises for such exist.

How to check tire pressure

We have already focused on the importance of proper tire pressure. It can affect your fuel consumption, better the handling of your car as well as to secure your safety and those of your passengers on the road. Checking the tire pressure is an easy job. In fact, you can do it on your own – by acquiring a special tool – pressure gauge. Before using this tool, have a look at the inside of the driver’s doors or the sidewall of the tire for the recommended PSI of pressure. Of course, any gas station is equipped with such a tool and you can inspect the pressure anytime there.

Tire tread wear causes

Different tires wear a different way. For example, tires intended for rallies and races wear much faster compared that of an ordinary car. You cannot fix that, it up to the type of tires. Anyway, the presence of some key issues could cause a treadwear prematurely. In fact, the reasons behind the uneven tire wear could be related to inflation and alignment. Get familiar with the following definitions in order to identify your problems in advance. Our team has established a useful guide for beginners and inexperienced drivers:

  • improper tyre inflation – this is not new for you but anyway we should emphasize once again on the importance of keeping your tyres in optimal pressure;
  • wheel alignment – it is a process of synchronizing and balancing your wheels in accordance with the steering wheel. It is performed only when it is necessary. However, if your car does not move straight but instead makes slight turns on left or on the right, then your the patterns of your tread may wear pretty sooner than their lifespan and you can have uneven treadwear.

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