Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

Is tire rotation necessary

It is not only necessary, but it is also mandatory in order to prevent uneven tread wear. You can perform rotation on your own if you live in a house with a garage for your car. All you need is a jack, lug wrench and stoppers. Every six months is the optimal period for rotation. If you want to be sure that you are not going to forget to perform it, you can do it each time you visit the nearest service centre for an oil change. Our team suggest not neglecting this crucial aspect of the maintenance of your car tires. It may seem a little unnecessary but you will convince yourself by the undoubtful benefits like:

  • better handling control of your car;
  • enhanced stability even in harsh conditions;
  • optimal performance of the car;
  • reduced fuel consumption.

You can use the time for rotation to look at your tires for the presence of blisters, bulges, nails or tiny rocks.

Tire rotation and balance

Tire balance should be performed each time you rotate your tires. But it is important to make a difference between the two processes as they deal with different issues. You probably know that the process of rotation involves changing the tire position. You can move the front tires on the place of the back and the opposite, the left to the right and so on. Anyway, the tire balance is quite different. It deals with the proper distribution of weight between the wheel and tire. The process is performed through positioning and special elaborate equipment.

Tire rotation and alignment

Tire alignment deals with the proper positioning and synchronization between the wheels and the steering wheel. When you drive your car and in case you find that it cannot hold a proper straight position and instead move slightly left or right, then you have to visit the nearest service centre and perform an alignment. If you do not take any actions, you risk causing further damage to your car’s wheel. The main difference between tire rotation and alignment is expressed the former should be performed every six months while the latter is needed when the car is showing some warning signs.

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